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Darkness Risen (Reader-Insert)
     I'm running for my life, but I know, without any sort of doubt, I will not survive this encounter. I knew this day, this moment, was coming, but I never imagined it would happen so soon.I can hear my pursuer drawing closer, and can only imagine the grim smile of satisfaction he must be wearing.
     My surroundings fly past me in one long blur; I have no idea where I actually am now. The only thing I can feel are branches and undergrowth scratching at me as I run. I must be in some kind of forest somewhere, but how I got here, I'm not sure. If I wasn't so terrified, I would have rolled my eyes at the typicality of my surroundings. What was this, a cheap horror movie? If Mark were here, we would be laughing and cracking all kinds of jokes. But he isn't here, and I have to keep moving.
     All I can see is what's right in front of me, and I can just make out a rundown stone shack through the leaves and branches ahead of me. I'm
:iconsugar-crazed-fangirl:Sugar-Crazed-Fangirl 7 1
As the Snow Falls (George Weasley x Reader)
            The minute I found out about this stupid “Yule Ball” thing, I went up to the Gryffindor common room and just collapsed in front of the fireplace. I drew my knees up to my chest and sighed. I’d heard enough about these kinds of things from my Muggle friends back home, so I knew the whole thing was just pointless, the embers that would become the roaring fires of drama and stupidity. I shook my head just as the portrait hole opened, and Fred and George rushed inside, talking and laughing as usual. When they saw me they smiled and ran over to me.
            “Hey, (Y/N). You hear about the Yule Ball?” Fred asked, smirking. He knew I hated all things girly, like dresses and such. I scoffed, shaking my head again.
            “Yeah, I heard about it, the whole castle’s talking about it.” I
:iconsugar-crazed-fangirl:Sugar-Crazed-Fangirl 31 0
Even Cats Have Nightmares :iconsugar-crazed-fangirl:Sugar-Crazed-Fangirl 3 0 Sleepy Kitty! :iconsugar-crazed-fangirl:Sugar-Crazed-Fangirl 3 0 Protective Kitty :iconsugar-crazed-fangirl:Sugar-Crazed-Fangirl 6 3 Mah Kitties!!! :iconsugar-crazed-fangirl:Sugar-Crazed-Fangirl 4 0


Where Are You?
Where are you?
In this world.
How far away have you gone?
Are you there, in our hidden place?
Or somewhere that I do not know.
Memories, accompanied by tears and smile.
Bring a familiar warmth and the thought,
That this shall never come again.
Under the tress and over sea,
Upon mountain tops and in the sky.
Is where you’ve gone.
Following a path, I cannot see.
But only follow.
As I recall the steps we took.
Hand in hand.
Where are you, where is yesterday?
In the memories of yesterday.
In the rising light.
Through places cold and dark,
So lonely and hollow.
I wonder if, you too once walked that path.
Under the stars, that guide the way.
I follow a path.
Through white cold and under dark skies.
To a place, where we may meet again.
Where are you?
In this world.
How far away have you gone?
Are you there, in our special place?
Or somewhere that I do not know.
Memories, accompanied by tears and smile.
Bring a familiar warmth and the thought,
That we shall never live those moments again
:iconsheetacrea:SheetaCrea 1 0
Antiseptiplier? Darkseptiplier? - Danti :iconkimtita:kimtita 153 22
Hidden Feelings (Warren Peace x Reader)

“Again warren?” you said as you stood in front of him, seeing his bruised face and busted lip, “you really need to stop picking fights”
“Tch, you should have seen the other guy”, he said his voice still angered, “besides he had no right to make fun of you”
“I think he does, I mean I am in hero support, I think that puts me in the bottom of the social ladder, I'm bound to get picked on”, you said making him sit down on the steps of the school, to better examine his face. It wasn’t too bad, but still Warren usually got into fights without getting hurt in the process, so just seeing his face bruised, you knew that whoever he went up against put up a good fight.
“Still you’re my best friend, and no one picks on you”, he said bluntly, “besides I have to take care of my hero support, right?”
Your face heated up, just hearing him say that. You knew that he meant
:iconmoonlight53:Moonlight53 439 32
Jacksepticeye x Reader: The Unimaginable
“*WHAPISH* TOP O THE MORNIN TO YA, LADDIES!! MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!!!” Jack shouted his intro extra excitedly. “And I have some seriously big news today!” He bounced up and down in his seat, and many people could see that he was excited to get the news out. “So, ___________ and I have been trying for a baby lately, and today she came to me wit a pregnancy test and-and she's gonna have a baby! Can ye believe it!? I’m so excited! I’d love to be a father!” Jack giggled and went on talking about how excited and nervous he was about becoming a father.
The video received a lot of positive feedback, and Jack and his wife were wished the best of luck by fans, friends, and family alike. On ___________’s channel she kept everyone up to date on how her pregnancy was going and how far along she was. When she told everyone they were having a baby boy, many fans in the comments started offering suggestions for names. Jack and __________ ended
:iconbeatlemaniac01:Beatlemaniac01 92 62
The Genius :iconwhovianmiss:whovianmiss 21 0 Just A Game :iconwhovianmiss:whovianmiss 7 0 Holmes vs. Strange :iconshuploc:Shuploc 624 33
Mature content
The Trailer [David Tennant x Reader] :icondavidtennantrequests:DavidTennantRequests 25 4
Mature content
PewDiePie X Reader Smut - Extra Views Won't Hurt :iconpewdiepiexreader:PewDiePieXReader 14 10
Mature content
Daryl Dixon x Reader Hunting Trip :iconangeldixon:AngelDixon 31 5
The Cumber Batch :iconshuploc:Shuploc 820 68
Mature content
Hands Off The Goods (Dean X Reader) :iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 38 5
Shiny Desk Surface - Greg Lestrade x Reader
Working a night shift at the New Scotland Yard meant one thing, and one thing only: Paperwork, and lots of it. Ever since Sherlock Holmes had become involved in the more difficult cases the Scotland Yard took, night shifts had become a constant in Greg Lestrade’s life. It was almost instinct at this point.
Solve the crime.
Catch the criminal.
Fill out the paperwork.

When his relationship with his wife grew strained, it was easy. He didn’t have to think when he was signing his name and writing reports. Explaining Sherlock’s involvement with a crime beyond saying, “He just looked at the body and he knew.” required whatever brainpower he had left after 11 P.M. When Sherlock informed him of his wife’s affair, he added divorce papers to the top of the paperwork and filled them out with the rest.
Solve the crime.
Catch the criminal.
Fill out the paperwork.

Living on his own, Lestrade had no need for proper regulation of his time. There was no
:iconkayoenfreer:kayoenfreer 133 19
Body Language - Sherlock x Reader
“It isn’t a double date when one of the couples is married and the other isn’t a couple, Mary, this is what you call a set up.” You protested, following your friend out to her car. Mary didn’t mention that you were dressed to the nines anyway in the lacy red number you told her you were saving for the right one. She also didn’t mention that you wore stilettos, not flats.
“Oh, you’ll love him, [Name], he’s just like you. Sarcastic. Acidic. Cynical.” Mary said, shooting you a look. You chuckled and settled into your seat. For Mary, you would give this a chance.
“This is hardly necessary, John. I could find my own dates if I wanted them.” Sherlock insisted as John led him to the cab. John only sighed heavily and pushed Sherlock into his seat.
“You’ve proven to be interested in females, Sherlock, and in Mary’s friends. Just do this one night. If you don’
:iconkayoenfreer:kayoenfreer 927 61
Not an Angel|Sherlock x Reader
You could feel it in your bones; the raw provoked anguish that threatened to consume your sanity. Betrayal lingered on trembling hands, delicate fingers pursed on the trigger in your coat pocket. Concealing your trepidation would be a task which required minimal effort; your swift manipulation was the reason Sherlock Holmes first took interest in you, after all. But he would know; he would recognize the cold sweat threatening to form on your hairline, he would sense the chill prepared to drag it's bitter claws down your spine. Sherlock Holmes, the man that would so passionately die for you in any circumstance, would perceive your strife and deduce the inevitable: this tragic affair would be the death of him.
Baker Street was as you remembered, with slightly disheveled quarters mimicking the chaos of a brilliant mind. The sitting area was vacant, leading you to presume that Sherlock was tinkering with an experiment in the kitchen. He should have slipped out with John on an errand moment
:icongracilisx:gracilisx 26 3
Mark's Inner Demons :iconpolarisdrawings:PolarisDrawings 50 8



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Amanda Elis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm shy when it comes to meeting new people. But once I get to know you, and you get to know me, I am one of the most random, crazy and fun fangirls you will ever meet.

I am straight, but I am completely ok with people who are bi, gay, or whatever. In my opinion, if you love someone, gender shouldn't matter! My two best friends have been dating for nearly a year, both are girls, and all I feel is happy for them.

My fandoms include Walking Dead, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Grey's Anatomy, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Heros of Olympus, and a TON more I'm not going to list because it would take forever.

I have a difficult time keeping that fine line between sass and bitchyness, but bear with me and tell me if I hurt your feelings. I'm working on it.

If you don't like me, that's fine. But sending me hateful words and insults doesn't help anything. All rudeness will be given a warning the first time, after that I'm just going to ignore you.

That's about it!
In the words of Pewdiepie, STAY AWESOME BROS!! *BROFIST*


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